Wednesday, March 28, 2007

#15 Wk9 - Filmmaking Fundamentals

Just a brief note, you'll have to listen to the podcast to figure what's on. Click on the title to link to the audio or subscribe to it on iTunes.

This podcast closes the last classes of the Filmmaking Fundamentals module. I also give a run down of things to see at the National Association of Broadcaster's show in Las Vegas, coming up in April. Lots of stuff about software, cameras, video editing seminars.

I'll see you there.

Friday, March 23, 2007

#14 Wk8 - Filmmaking Fundamentals

I'm talking about a variety of shoots this week. We're shooting an action scene using a dolly and shooting a dialog scene with a variety of OTS (over the shoulder) angles, including dirty and clean singles. Once all the camera work is done we'll be editing it into rough cuts next week.

I also discuss a number of Filmmaking events taking place in the next couple months. In Boston the Independent Film Festival will be taking place, April 25 - 30. They're looking for volunteers. Another film festival is online, called the One Minute Film Festival.

The 48 hour film project is closed in Boston, but it's a wicked cool event you should look into to get a complete tour of the video production experience.

I will be attending NAB mid April and while I talk a little bit about the things I plan to see and learn at the show, including training by FMC, I'll talk about at more length in the next podcast.

Some of the updated announcements I expect to see are Adobe CS and Production suite, Apple FCP and an update to Avid for the Mac/Intel processor.

Red camera is going to make a big noise with a demonstration and possibly a limited sale of it's new camera that shoots 4k video.

Friday, March 16, 2007

#13 Wk7 - Filmmaking Fundamentals

Creating a Short Narrative

This module is all about putting into action what we've been taught to date about light, camera work and sound. After a brief introduction by our instructor Tom Robothan we were thrust into the preproduction process. Our goal was to shoot five scenes from interviews to action and dialog and then cut it together.

It's an excellent example of the team-orientated learning that is a big part of CDIA's curriculum. This week is all about planning and next week we'll do the bulk of the shooting. The last week is for editing.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

#12 Wk6 - Lighting

I'm way behind so I'm posting this fast and short. This show is less than 5 minutes long.

This week we finished the lighting module. We did an exercise with 3 point lighting on 2 people and another exercise outside using daylight and reflectors.

Saturday and Sunday I shot video of a reception and awards ceremony at Brandeis University for their annual film festival, Sundeis.

Here are some links mentioned in the audio:

Matters of Light and Depth
American Film Institute
Vision of Light
Cinematographer's Style
All That Jazz
Roy Scheider

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