Tuesday, May 27, 2008

#92 Wk68 Editing II

I've updated the show listing on this duplicate blog, videostudentguy@blogspot.com and I will continue to keep it updated until I can wrestle RSS to the ground and combine both feeds into one.

Lots of shoots this week, follow the links below to see who I've been talking to.

Huntington Theater

Cornwall Bridge Pottery - Todd Piker

Paradise CIty Art Festival

Debbie Miller Designs

JAK Designs - Jennifer Armstrong / Tanya Alsberg at Paradise City

Kelly O'Briant at Paradise City

Linda Huey

Birch Mountain Pottery - Susan Gerr

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

#91 Wk67 Editing II

Color Correction tips, SSNSC Practicum and shooting the She Loves You promo video at the Huntington Theater

List of links to subjects mentioned in this show:

South Shore Natural Science Center

Huntington Theater - She Loves Me

Sunday, May 11, 2008

#89 Wk65 Editing

I'm discontinuing posting on the Blogger site. It's just a duplicate of the Libsyn site and that seems to have the most traffic. I'll leave a note with a link to the Libsyn site.

I lost data because of a damaged drive, which I hadn't backed up. Don't do this at home okay?

At the same time I was digesting this trauma I was conflicted over which camera I should use which CDIA loans out. You can try to follow my various colliding trains of thought that led to the ultimate decision. I did decide, but the real issue isn't the camera, so much as it is trying to grasp the phantom of security when it comes to assuring I will always have a camera to shoot with when I need it.

It appears that getting comfortable with insecurity is the lesson of the week.

Just to make sure I learned my lesson I had to shoot an open house at Birch Mountain Pottery and I hoped to interview some of the customers. It makes my stomach ache to have to ask complete strangers to sign a release form and talk to me on camera. I managed to walk through that fire, thanks to Susan, her family and everyone who attended. I don't see the fizzy feeling is going to go away over time. Man up, right?

Monday, May 5, 2008

#88 Wk64 Editing

Nikki Bramley is our instructor for this module. She was assistant editor on The Price of Sugar and has a lot of experience editing in both FCP and Avid.

I spent this week trying to nail down my workflow with Avid Media Composer and P2 media There was a problem bring in the media. It comes down to a very specific workflow.

I also had technical problems working with Avid due to the presence of the unsupported versions of QuickTime and the Mac OS. She provided me with a table that contains all the versions of Avid, Quicktime and the OS and what works with what.

When you're working on a production system don't update iTunes, it automatically loads the most current version of Quicktime.

You can find information on the Avid forums at Avid, Creative COW and the LA Final Cut Pro User Group

I'm behind on defining a narrative arc. Nikki gave me some suggestions such as creating little scenes or stories within your story. I mentioned that in a recent episode. She encouraged me to imagine and write down what they might be before I arrive at a location.

I took a day off of everything and joined my wife in seeing a knitting superstar speak at the Calvin Theater in Northahmpton MA. Her name is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, otherwise known at the Yarn Harlot. She was very funny and uplifting. Do a search for her name and Northampton and you'll find dozens of blogs that documented the experience.

Friday, May 2, 2008

#87 Wk63 Shooting

Once I got back from NAB I got a little sleep, did a little non-film garden work and learned the value of the Assistant Director. It's their job to budget time and and make sure everyone is on schedule.

During a recent night shoot I got some ideas about budgeting time on the set. You need to respect the needs of other people, set a stop time and stick to it and be prepared to stop even when you're not ready. You can't push people to work beyond their limits and not pay a higher price later on.
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