Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Still a few hours away, at least here in Eastern Standard Time (-5:00 GMT). I've been working through the weekend getting the first five episodes together before I post my first show in the next couple days.

I took some advice from a podcast that suggested you get 5 shows done before you're first post so that you have a good idea of how much time it takes, what format you're comfortably with, how long you average podcast is and lots of other things you can't know until you do it. With these five episodes under your belt, and a couple promos as well, you can have a better handle on what you are capable of.

I've been working since the beginning of December, the editing is done, AAC and MP3 files are generated and show notes are created. I intend to dole these out over the next three weeks and then I'll be creating at least one podcast a week, each week. I think I can, I think I can.

I'm using as my host. I've played around in their sandbox and looked at the various settings, but I've chosen this host primarily because I hear the name a lot from a number of podcasts I listen to. The prices are reasonable. Right now I'm paying the discount rate because I don't think I would get much benefit from additional features. At any rate, I don't feel I'm sacrificing much if I'm ultimately unsatisfied with this choice. Since I have very little idea about the needs and demands of a successful podcast ( I'm willing to concede that's an amorphous concept) I don't doubt I'll have plenty of opportunities to discover many tragic errors.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Setting up the Podcast

This blog is for my podcast, beginning in January, about being a student at the CDIA, Center for Digital Imagining Arts, in Waltham MA. I'm enrolled in the Digital Video Certificate program, which runs for 18 months for night students.

The Podcast will include a weekly rundown on what is being covered in the classes, the people I meet and events taking place at the school.

There are several programs taking place, both day and night, including Audio, Digital Photography, 3D Animation and Modeling and Web Design. My focus is the video program, but I hope I can report on the other programs through interviews and workshops, especially those that are related to production video, such as recording and editing audio for video, special fx, lighting and graphic design .

My intention is to let the podcast speak for itself, the blog will provide place for the RSS link and show notes. Where ever I have the time I will add comments and links relative to the shows or events taking place at the school.
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