Friday, June 27, 2008

#97 Wk72 Post Audio

Vacation week coming up. That means time to edit my final project. Woo hoo

Since I took off the last days of this class I got an F. But, but once I hand in the assignments it will be turned into a pass. If I do a really good I may get a high pass, or, gulp, a very high pass. Lots of motivation there.

There's 4 weeks left to the end of class. I'm going to miss it once it's gone. I am looking forward to finishing my film without the distraction of class attendance and assignments. I guess you could say I've already checked out.

Once again I'm talking about Podcasters Across Borders without providing any clips from the interviews I recorded. Coming up, I promise. Check out and sign up for Podcamp Boston 3 if you're in the area. Take a look at the sessions being offered. It's just a good, only different.

Speaking of good conversation in a hallway, I end the show with some perspective I got from Federico about the whole point of this filmmaking program, which is getting a job being a filmmaker.

This was a familiar message, but I saw something new that I hadn't before. I got it that I don't need to treat this like the last film I will ever make. It won't be if I end up using it to get a job making the next film. People are going to recognize, regardless how much time and attention I lavish on this project, the essential value I add to the filmmaking process. If they are professional they'll filter out the flaws and see the potential. Its hard to have that much faith in yourself, or other people.

But I don't want to leave you on a downer man. Right now I'm excited about editing my film and I'll probably be at school as often as I have been, so I can concentrate - and knowledgeable people will be available to help me see a clear path to the finish. Just like in production, you don't make a film with just one person.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

#96 Wk71 Post Audio

This is a very short show because I recorded it as I was exiting the house on my way to Podcaster's Across Borders in Kingston, Ontario Canada. It was a great weekend of of learning and conversations with a lot of really interesting people. As I was getting the links for the previous episode I noticed that Podcamp Boston 3 is in a few weeks. I was caught completely off guard. Last year it took place at the end of December, so barely 6 months has passed. During PAB, I was fortunate enough to interview Chris Brogan, one of the cofounders of Podcamp and a key organizer of Podcamp Boston. Look for the interview in an upcoming show and seriously consider attending the event on July 19 and 20 (Saturday and Sunday).

Catching up with past classes, this week is the 2nd week of the Post Audio module. With a little help from instructor Doug Plante, I finally understand the process of spotting and scoring.

Spotting is the process of identifying the location of music along the timeline that would help support or anticipate the mood you want a scene or action to convey.

Scoring is using the spot marks and comments to place music along the timeline that fits the moods you want to support.

I'm surprised how my view of the edit of the film I used changed as I went through this process of spotting. Looking at the film, which I had created in a previous module, I was surprised to discover the moods it presented were not what I had originally intended. It's an interesting way to look at familiar footage with more objective eyes.

Of course, you don't make changes once someone begins scoring a film. You score a film, that is it's locked down, editing is completed, so that the editor won't make changes that would require the music director to completely rewrite the score. After all, the score is tied directly to the timeline.. Change the film - change the music.

Oh well.

#95 Wk70 Post Audio

Been at PAB, expected to have posted this and the next show before I left. No time, as usual.

This episode and the next was in the can and waiting for post before I left for Canada last week. I thought about post dating these episodes, but that seems a little dishonest.

Podcaster's Across Borders was a great event, met a bunch of people and got a lot of ideas to chew on. It wasn't a technical conference, it was more about networking and idea sharing. I've never been to the Portable Media Expo, now called New Media Expo, which will be out in California later this summer, August 14, but I have been to Podcamp in Boston.

All three events are different in how they approach social media and there's something valuable to be learned from attending all of them. Podcamp and PAB are within driving distance, but California is too far for me to travel this year. I would say that PAB was the most informal. The schedule was packed though and most conversations I had were short and had to be followed up at the end of the day's sessions.

Give me a few days and I'll have a post up for that, along with some brief interviews I recorded.

Talking about whining. What do you want from me? Well, that's the question this time around.

I would like to know how real I should be reporting the student experience; it's not just the subject matter in class. I believe that how you cope with the demands of school will tell you how you will deal with the pressures of production work in the real world. Just another undocumented learning opportunity in the curriculum of life.

I've reached the point where I have enough material to begin editing and begin shaping the story of my film. I've got a lot of work ahead of me with almost 300 gigs of video, about 12 hours of footage. Organizing this much footage is going to be critical in order to meet the September deadline for the final cut.

Over the past week I had the following shoots and classes:

  • The class this week was the beginning of Post Production Audio
  • We're going to score music for a film we've already created
  • Using sound effects and foley on a commercial
  • Using the audio tools in Avid and FCP
  • Outputting the audio form a film to OMF for editing in a dedicated audio application, like Pro Tools.
  • The physics of audio, including the inverse square law
  • Last day of the week I met with and interviewed Ron Sbardella, a veteran potter of 25 years.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

#94 Podcasters Across Borders

I'm attending a new media conference called Podcasters Across Borders in Kingston, Ontario Canada this weekend. There's going to be lots of interesting people to meet and things to hear and learn. There's not much else in this show except my expectations.

I created this episode so that I could pare it down to under 3 minutes and submit it to the PAB site as a teaser for this show. They're taking audio submissions from attendees that represent their own show. I figured I would just use the opportunity to talk about my expectations of the event, how I feel about the potential of new media and tie in what my show is about.

It is an interesting experience cutting down something to meet a another purpose - sort of like creating a trailer of a movie.

Take a look at the teaser page and listen to my audio and compare it to this show. And listen to the other shows, there's a lot of great entertainment and information represented on that page.

I'll give you updates when I get back next week and hopefully include some interviews.

Monday, June 9, 2008

#93 Wk69 Editing II

Continuing shooting.

A Raku firing class with Susan Gerr of Birch Mountain Pottery, Old Sturbridge Village, a recreation of a New England village in Sturbridge MA and another potter, Dot Burnworth at Sawmill Pottery. This puts me over the hump as far as enough video to begin editing.

Check out the Digital Production Buzz episode for May 22 and listen to the first interview of Norman Hollyn, an editor and teacher at USC, he has a lot of interesting comments on learning how to edit. At 11:50 or so into the podcast he makes a comment that strikes me as both simple and profound when it comes to summing up the message of a film when you begin editing.
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